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mIRC 7.1 7.1
Теги: Скачать бесплатно mIRC 7.1 Скачать без регистрации mIRC 7.1 mIRC 7.1
[Скачать с сервера (1.78 Mb)] 29 Августа 10, 23:28:55

Автор: mIRC.com
Версия: 7.1
Установка: Разархивировать и установить
Описание: IRC клиент под OC Windows.


1.This is the first stable release of the new Unicode version of mIRC.

The project to convert mIRC to Unicode has taken almost two years of

development and testing and has required tens of thousands of changes

to 150,000+ lines of source code. This has been the most complex and

time-consuming update to mIRC since it was created in 1995, when it

started out as a non-Unicode, 16-bit, Windows 3.1 application.

Many areas of mIRC have had to be updated or re-written, from file

handling to text processing, from display to memory allocation, from

server communications to file transfers.

mIRC should now be faster, more stable, and more compatible with

the latest versions of Windows, and should be able to better handle

the display and input of a variety of languages.

In addition to being converted to Unicode, there are a few other

notable changes:

Improved Windows 7 compatibility

More reliable INI file handling

Faster text display/scrolling

Speech support

Improved interface design for a number of features

Automatic text color correction

Menubar ALT key show/hide feature

Support for italic text and other font styles

Optimized SSL routines

Status window SSL connection icon

IPv6 support

Improved portable support

Persistent channel history

Digitally signed executables

Automatic splitting of long channel/private messages

Full screen display with F11 function key

UPnP support

Many bug fixes

And more

For a full version history of mIRC v7.x development, please see the

list of changes starting with v7.0.

21/07/2010 - mIRC v7.08


1.Fixed Unicode surrogates bug.

2.Changed Port dialog bind address editbox to allow entry of longer


3.Fixed Unicode and color codes text-wrapping bug.

4.Extended /tokenize to accept Unicode characters as delimiters.

5.Fixed log files corruption bug.

09/07/2010 - mIRC v7.07


1.Fixed /showmirc -s bug with maximized windows.

2.Fixed INI routines quote handling bug.

3.Fixed F11 full screen gpf bug when many windows are open.

4.Changed folder selection dialog to allow editbox input.

5.Fixed /timer -h consistency bug.

6.Fixed window vertical scrollbar bug when lines were trimmed due to

exceeding maximum buffer size in some situations.

7.Fixed transfer windows displaying & characters as accelerators.

8.Changed script editor to display message when desktop setting is


9.Fixed iswm bug where * wildcard was not matching $null.

10.Added $mouse.cx/cy properties to return cursor position relative

to primary monitor.

11.Fixed /bwrite file pointer bug.

12.Fixed $window().dx/dy bug.

28/06/2010 - mIRC v7.06


1.Changed "Split long channel/query messages" option to handle action

messages and to ignore other CTCP messages.

2.Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8o library.

3.Changed CAP event handling so that scripts can no longer prevent the

CAP reply from being sent.

4.Fixed find text dialog not matching text in wrapped lines.

5.Fixed /timer parameter error handling and display.

6.Fixed display width of some characters when using monospace fonts.

7.Fixed hotlink cursor not being updated in some situations.

8.Added support for full screen display with F11 function key,

/showmirc -f switch and $appstate value "full".

9.Fixed switchbar separator display bug.

10.Fixed main window system menu bug when main menubar is hidden.

11.mIRC now remembers if MDI windows were maximized on exit and opens

them maximized on next startup.

12.Fixed /signal -n recursion gpf bug.

16/06/2010 - mIRC v7.05


1.Extended editbox history to 100 lines.

2.Extended /sockread to read more than 4096 bytes at a time.

3.Changed INI routines to enclose data in quotes if it contains any

non-printable characters, ie. less than $chr(32).

4.Fixed INI routines not saving comments within topics correctly.

5.Fixed INI routines bug that would have resulted in a random crash

in some situations.

6.Extended $mask() to handle IPv6 addresses.

7.Fixed $gmt and other time-related identifiers to correctly include

timezone and daylight offsets.

8.Fixed $asctime(zzz) bug.

9.Added /localinfo -p switch, uses UPnP to look up and set your local

info settings.

10.Changed $utfencode()/$utfdecode() to handle the C script/codepage

parameter correctly in text that contains Unicode and UTF-8.

11.Fixed variables not being sorted correctly when sort button is used

in script editor.

12.Added /bwrite -t switch, interprets text value as plain text and

does not evaluate &binbar variables.

28/05/2010 - mIRC v7.04


1.Added UPnP support. The Ports dialog allows you to enable UPnP

support for retrieving your external IP address, the identd server,

DCC connections, and the DCC server. The first three options are

enabled by default.

mIRC marks UPnP ports that it opens as "mIRC". It closes UPnP ports

the moment they are no longer needed.

If mIRC is connecting to multiple servers at the same that use both

IPv4 and IPv6, the UPnP port for the identd server will only be able

to handle either IPv4 or IPv6 at any one time, since a UPnP port can

only be bound to one address.

If you make any changes to the UPnP options in the Ports dialog, mIRC

performs a quick check to see if UPnP is available and will warn you

if it is not.

2.Added /socklisten -p switch to enable UPnP support for a listening


3.Changed hotlink feature to handle more formats.

4.Fixed /clear -g switch bug.

5.Optimized display routine to use bitmap caching more efficiently.

6.Changed the way a server connection is closed after sending /quit to

make disconnection more robust/graceful.

7.Added check for empty servers list. If servers list is empty, mIRC

looks for the "defaults" folder and copies the servers.ini from

there to the data folder.

20/05/2010 - mIRC v7.03


1.Changed DCC Send/Get windows to show long progress bar when window

is maximized.

2.Changed DCC Send/Get switchbar buttons to display progress bar in

black during transfer and grey when finished.

3.Fixed /fseek line matching bugs.

4.Optimized BOM-checking in file routines, should have minimal impact

on read/write speed now.

5.Fixed $dns().ip bug when resolving an IP address.

6.Changed Control+N back to shortcut for channel switching.

7.Added "Split long channel/query messages" option to Messages dialog.

If a message is long enough that it might be chopped by the maximum

server line length, it is sent as mutliple lines.

8.Fixed font bug with reading font settings from mirc.ini.

9.Optimized display routine, should be faster in some situations.

10.Changed richedit editbox support back to riched20.dll since it

seems to be faster and more reliable overall.

11.Optimized the way scripts are loaded into script editor editbox.

12.Fixed ini file handling bug when reading section/item/data that

are enclosed in quotes.

13.Fixed hotlink feature not handling single-word hostnames.

14.Changed $utfencode/$utfdecode to return input text if they are

unable to encode/decode the text instead of returning an error.

15.Changed the way the file routines set end-of-file and error, should

behave more like older versions now.

16.Added /raw -n switch to prevent characters in the range 0-255 being

UTF-8 encoded when sent to the server. Also added a $rawbytes

identifier that returns the incoming server message prior to any


01/05/2010 - mIRC v7.02


1.Added Unicode/UTF-8 BOM support to file routines. This applies to all

files that are read or written as text, including ini files.

2.Changed DCC Send/Get windows to allow full filename to be viewed when

window is resized.

3.Changed DCC Get to open download file with exclusive write access.

4.Added support for detecting Wine so that mIRC can use alternative

code for features that need it. Around fifteen separate workarounds

were implemented. Features that could not be made to work reliably

(richedit editbox support and playing mp3 and mid files) are now


5.Changed mouse wheel scroll method in the script editor editbox to

allow faster/smoother scrolling.

6.Fixed system shell DDE messages bug.

7.Changed font-linking implementation slightly, should be faster and

support more characters.

8.Added support for /dns $server to fill $serverip for SOCKS5 users,

though note that this results in a DNS leak.

9.Fixed treebar background update bug.

10.Optimized display routine, should now be faster when displaying

control codes.

11.Fixed $regml().pos bug.

12.Added Names dialog back to Display options dialog.

13.Fixed /sockudp -k bug.

14.Fixed line colors parsing bug when reloading log files.

15.Fixed query flood check bug.

15/04/2010 - mIRC v7.01


1.Changed the way fonts are set for editboxes in windows and in the

script editor. This should resolve issues for users who are seeing

the font change when they enter text.

2.Changed the foregound/background color correction feature so that it

no longer applies if a ^K background color is specified.

3.Fixed /filter gpf bug.

4.Fixed /fopen gpf bug.

5.Changed $input() icons default sound behavior.

6.Fixed text display bug where last character was not entirely visible

in some situations with certain fonts.

7.Changed toolbar and switchbar to not display separators when

background picture is used.

8.Fixed timestamp bug where the timestamp was not being displayed if a

Unicode character was used in the format string.

9.Changed numeric 451 "You have not registered" message for the "CAP"

request to no longer be displayed when connecting to a server.

10.Fixed DDE support. Most applications, such as web browsers, can only

reply to ANSI DDE requests, so mIRC now sends DDE requests in ANSI

as opposed to Unicode. mIRC can now reply to both Unicode and ANSI

DDE requests.

11.Changed identd default behavior when choosing userid from email

address or identd userid field.

12.Fixed $ini()/loadbuf combination bug that was fixing/updating an

incorrectly formatted ini file even though it was only being read

by the script.

13.Changed /filter to allow output to the NUL device.

14.Fixed "End of /MOTD" message not being displayed in some cases.

15.Fixed /speak not working with older voices/engines.

16.Fixed /sockwrite -n and /write -a CRLF bugs.

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